Date: 29 September 2011
Location: Webinar

Hear the Results of ALL-NEW Research, Revealing Exactly What You Want to Know About Social Media Users.

Social media use today is exploding across all age groups, and all age groups have a set of avid users spending 5 or more hours a week social networking. These avid users are most likely to post comments, answer polls and share opinions on brands—affecting your business!

You asked a lot of questions about these „avids.“ Now, our SSI experts present the answers for the first time at a NEW Webinar, Winning the Social Media Avids: Connecting with the New Communicators in Europe, September 29, 2011 from 17:00 – 18:00 pm CEST. Click to register FREE—and discover how to unleash the full potential of social media and its most active and influential users.

Get to Know the Avid Users who Influence Your Business

  • Learn who the avid users are and how they are different from other users.
  • Find out if the avid users are also avid consumers, active opinion leaders, early adopters.
  • Explore if they are the same people influencing through traditional media—or another group with a unique profile.

How to Bring Social Media Users into Your Research

  • Learn how you can reach avid users.
  • Discover how social networks are different (and in what ways) from other access sources.
  • Hear what’s the best approach for blending social media with other sources to create a consistent access stream.

With more than 90% of those 13 – 34 year olds—and more than 70% of those 65 and older—reporting they visit social media sites, this is a program you can’t afford to miss!

Make sure you have the information you need to connect with today’s new communicators. Click to register FREE for Winning the Social Media Avids. Even if you can’t make the September 29th date, sign up now, and we’ll send you a link to listen on demand any time after the program’s original airing. Don’t miss out on this critical information!

P.S. We will be tweeting from this event. Join the conversation #SSIwebinar.

SSI Webinar
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