The General Online Research Conference (GOR) of the German Society for Online Research (DGOF) will take place for the 27th time, from 31 March to 2 April 2025 at the Henry Ford Building of the Free University of Berlin.

The annual General Online Research (GOR) conference brings together researchers and professionals from academia, industry and public administration to discuss the latest developments and trends in online research. The GOR, organised by the German Society for Online Research (DGOF), has set itself the goal of advancing the field through knowledge exchange and cooperation.

DGOF Board Chairman Dr. Otto Hellwig on the cooperation with the local partner: “We are very pleased to be hosting the GOR 25 in Berlin with Prof. Dr. Stefan Liebig and Guest-Prof. Dr. Carina Cornesse (Chair of Social Stratification and Survey Methodology, FU Berlin). The GOR is coming to Berlin for the third time in 2025, but for the first time in cooperation with the well-known FU Berlin. A great partnership! “

Local host Dr. Carina Cornesse and Prof. Dr. Stefan Liebig: “FU Berlin is dedicated to high quality research and innovation. It is therefore perfectly fitting for us to collaborate with DGOF and host GOR25 here at our institute. We are excited to bring GOR conference to FU Berlin and look forward to welcoming the online research community here! “

The GOR 25 Call for Papers will be published in September.

This three-day event will feature presentations and workshops, showcasing innovative methods, concepts, and applications. Participants will engage in discussions on current trends and developments across various disciplines of digital research. The conference is expected to attract around 300 participants from universities, research institutes, and companies from Germany and abroad.

On behalf of the programme committee

Prof. Dr. Bella Struminskaya and Prof Dr. Simon Kühne

Save the date for GOR 25 on 31 March- 02 April at the Free University of Berlin