Heute, 1. März 2021, beginnen die Wahlen für den ESOMAR-Council 2021-2022. Die DGOF wie auch die anderen deutschen Verbände, ADM, ASI und BVM, steht in engem Kontakt und Austausch mit der ESOMAR. Am 24. Februar gab es ein gemeinsames Meeting der vier Verbände, bei dem sich einige Kandidatinnen und Kandidaten persönlich vorgestellt haben. Aus Deutschland bewirbt sich Edward Appleton für einen Sitz im ESOMAR Council. Edward Appleton, Director Global Marketing & Sales bei Happy Thinking People, ist der DGOF über die regelmäßige und langjährige Teilnahme an der GOR verbunden.

Wir möchten Euch ermuntern, Euch an der Abstimmung zu beteiligen!

Hier die Statements der KandidatInnen, die sich den Verbänden vorgestellt haben:

Presidential Nominees

Anne-Sophie Damelincourt, Founder & Owner Blue Lemon Insight & Strategy, France

“As Esomar President, I will lead the transformation of our Insights Industry as well as the evolution of Esomar Value Proposition to be the truly diverse, ethical and visionary hub, committed to its members, supporting actively tomorrow’s people, organizations and societies, thanks to technology and human-centricity.”

Kristin Luck, Founder / Managing Partner ScaleHouse, United States

“To ensure our industry’s future I believe it is imperative that we keep the German concept of “enkelfähig” top of mind. We must invite the next generation of researchers and research companies in, while also ensuring we are leaving them with a sustainable and ethical research industry. I believe there are three components that will ultimately drive ethical data use in our industry: The first is to ensure the systems and technologies we develop are unbiased and ethically designed. Secondly, we need to work together to ensure data ethics and research quality standards are upheld globally. Lastly, we need to make sure that our business models are not driving unethical behaviors.”

Vice Presidential Nominees

Umesh Kumar, SVP & Head – International Research Hansa Research Group Pvt Ltd, India

“The digital transformation challenge in our industry has been made more difficult by the pandemic, and it is more important than ever for us to STAY RELEVANT. I think it can be done by increasing the avenues to learn about evolving research practices, as well as leveraging available resources, and building bridges across practices, cultures and geographies.”

Nikki Lavoie, Director MindSpark Research International, France

“German research professionals have set a great example for the rest of the industry – but our work isn’t done. I look forward to working together to strengthen our standards, globally, while cultivating the next generation. Collaboration is key as we focus on the future, together.”

Alain Mizrahi, CEO Grupo RADAR, Uruguay

“Science evolves by trial and error and this is also valid for market research methodology. So, yes to scientific method, but let us always leave the possibility to innovate and get enough empirical evidence that something new works. As Karl Popper said, empirical evidence is often worth more than any mathematical model.”

Council Member Nominee

Edward Appleton, Director Global Marketing Happy Thinking People GmbH, Germany

“Quality and ethical standards are of the highest priority for market research in a dynamic digital environment. We need to shout out loud about our own ongoing excellent efforts, and ensure the relevance of these topics for clients operating within a world of speed and cost constraints.”

Zur Wahlseite der ESOMAR geht es hier.

Wahlen ESOMAR Council – KandidatInnen stellen sich deutschen Verbänden vor
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