DGOF represents the interests of online researchers in German speaking countries. Its members are both companies and people who work in areas of academia, market research, government or other aspects of online research.
Online research covers several aspects: The internet as a means to conduct research, the internet as the topic of research, and mobile communications as part of online research.
The objective of DGOF is to facilitate academic and applied online research. An important goal is the acceptance, discussion, and development of internet-based data collection methods as an equally sound method in the canon of classical research approaches.
DGOF develops, establishes and adheres to accepted scientific standards for conducting online research. The DGOF board consists of four members: a chairman, two deputy chairmen, and a treasurer. The board is elected for a term of two years.  Distribution of responsibilities within the board: Christoph Irmer (ODC Services GmbH), chairman of the board, online market research, quality standards and sponsoring; Visiting Professor Dr. Martin Welker (University of Leipzig, Faculty of Social Sciences and Philosophy, Department of Journalism), communications and marketing; Dr. Lars Kaczmirek (GESIS – Leibniz-Institute for Social Sciences), treasurer, finances, science and internationalization; and Dr. Monika Taddicken (University of Hamburg, Institute of Journalism and Communication Research), science, GOR organization, members.
Mission and Objectives of the Society
In addition to organizing the annual GOR conference DGOF sees its main responsibility in supporting activities and measures that serve the promotion and quality assurance of online research in German-speaking countries. This includes:
• Development and maintenance of its information and communication platform for online research, www.dgof.de and www.gor.de
• Provision of publications of new research methods through its book series: “Neue Schriften zur Online-Forschung”.
• Organization of events on special topics in online research
• Expert and consulting activities
• International representation of activities of German-speaking countries
• Cooperation with other societies and associations
• Support of junior researchers
General Online Research Conference – GOR
Presentations, talks and discussions about current developments, methods, and insights of German and international online research
• Promotion of critical dialogue about online research
• “Get-Together” of the German and international community of online researchers
Quality of Online Research
• Facilitation of workshops, seminars, and events concerning online research
• Publication and promotion of selected specialist literature such as journals or books
• Development and publication of guidelines and standards for
quality assurance in online research (e. g. in cooperation with ADM, BVM, and ASI)
Creation and Maintenance of Contacts
• Maintaining the member list of DGOF (members@dgof.de)
• Contact and cooperation with the societies ADM, BVM, and ASI as well as with the corresponding sections of the scientific associations DGS, DGP, DGPuK
• Contact to German and international academic faculties
Promotion of Communication
• Information, articles, and further downloads for the topic of online research on the DGOF home page
• Reports about GOR and other DGOF activities
• Press releases about relevant topics and events in online research

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Online-Forschung e. V.

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E-mail: office@dgof.de

Information on DGOF e.V.
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