Publicly-available global database leverages the reach of 62 million panelists to identify progression of common symptoms associated with COVID-19 diagnoses

Dynata, the world’s largest first-party data and insights platform, today introduced a free, interactive Global COVID-19 Symptom Map that helps identify potential “hot spots” for COVID-19 cases using self-reported data of common symptom combinations associated with COVID-19. The map can help governments, health authorities and healthcare systems identify potential spikes in symptom reporting and anticipate the next geographic outbreak.

Leveraging nearly 10 million global responses from Dynata panelists, the map delivers data insights at a granular level across 45 countries, tracking the progression of symptoms reported over a 14-day span using age and location. Dynata began collecting responses on March 22 and is gathering approximately 350,000 responses daily, recording symptoms globally and visualizing the data at a country, state and postal code level, including a specific view of New York City, one of America’s most hard-hit cities of coronavirus cases.

To populate the map’s data, Dynata is surveying its panelists to determine whether they or anyone in their household is experiencing specific symptoms – including fever, fatigue, dry cough, loss of taste and/or smell, and difficulty breathing – associated with COVID-19. Those responses are then collected and organized by location, and – unlike other trackers which only follow one symptom – are able to be displayed as a combination of symptom that could more accurately predict a positive COVID-19 diagnosis (e.g., dry cough and loss of taste/smell and difficulty breathing). The data can then be viewed in 14-day snapshots, showing the progression of symptom reporting, with panelists able to answer the question a maximum of once every 48 hours.

“We have more than 62 million panelists across the globe, most of whom are likely dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic in some way,” said Gary S. Laben, CEO, Dynata. “Typically, we leverage this scale to help brands understand the attitudes, opinions, and trends driving consumer and B2B purchase decisions or politics. Now we can use our scale in this unprecedented and extraordinary time to identify locations that could emerge as the next hot spots of COVID-19 outbreak, potentially providing healthcare workers and governments a better chance to prepare and respond to the continued pandemic threat.”

Dynata Introduces Interactive Global COVID-19 Symptom Map to Help Predict Potential “Hot Spots” of Coronavirus Outbreak
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